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1970 MGB Roadster
(Featured on 28th May 2014)

Make: MG
Model: MGB
Year: 1970

Sellers original description:

Been our family car since 1984. one previous owner. Bare metal respray 2013 with the following panels being professionally fitted. Inner/outer,castle sills,floor&boot floor. Front Valence & OF/S front wing,door skins & bonnet all heritage parts used. all nuts & bolts replaced with stainless steal. all non painted parts waxoiled. Entire suspension system replaced new parts,modern dampers fitted, new leaf springs & hangers etc. Entire braking system replaced with uprated calipers & pads,new anti roll bar. uprated bushes. new fuel tank,sender etc. new modern fuel pump,radiator,oil cooler,rebuilt heater fan,new clutch+servo. New electronic ignition+coil. all wiring revamped, new battery. halogen lights, new horns. alternator. New Blue mohair roof with cream lining £700 from prestige, windscreen & side windows rebuilt with new seals&nuts/screws. Lock shields & anti spin fitted, stainless sill mg covers. body shop powder coated rostyles with excellent tyres. Stainless MG logo wheel nuts. Engine totally rebuilt with new pistons,oil pump etc, new stainless steel exhaust & tubular manifold, new SU Carbs.5 bearing engine with overdrive (new solinoid)all new rubber mounts. done 40 miles since completion,still need running in. new MOT, HISTORIC V5 registered, Tax Exempt, dating letter confirms build abingdon nov 1970. new cream leather interior & new champagne carpets, including full carpet set for boot. rebuilt seats with new foams & webbing, new runners. Walnut burr wooden dash & door capings (bonded on not screwed, very expensive), new switches. wooden steering wheel I will never get back what I spent but this has to be one of the best examples out there. Hundreds of hours spent rebuilding this car. Have a rebuild file with nearly all receipts & pictures of build.


1970 MGB Roadster 1

1970 MGB Roadster 2

1970 MGB Roadster 3

1970 MGB Roadster 4

1970 MGB Roadster 5

1970 MGB Roadster 6

1970 MGB Roadster Boot

1970 MGB Roadster Engine Bay

1970 MGB Roadster Underside 1

1970 MGB Roadster Underside 2

1970 MGB Roadster Interior

1970 MGB Roadster Interior Dashboard

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