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1989 Classic Mini Cooper Sport Spec 1275cc
(Featured on 15th February 2012)

Make: Mini
Model: Cooper
Year: 1989
Registration: F321 TVH

Sellers original description:

Show stopping Mini Cooper Sport Spec (and it really did stop the Derbyshire County Show!) - Also had pride of place at a promotion for Stratstone Mini in Derby.

The car has a file (brief case!!) for approximately £15k spent on its restoration and upgrade to a Cooper Sport type Spec. All bases have been covered - the car has covered 4,000 miles since its re-build, so really looks and drives like a new car. Much better to buy a re-built car than a late Cooper model that hasn't been rebuilt - the newest classic Minis are 11 years old now and will be in need of work however good they look up top!

It has 1275cc, Everything I can think of has been done and is 4,000 miles old (inc full body, paint, interior, gearbox and engine - new pistons, head, etc). It has Mk1 lights and 60's bumpers, black vinyl roof. Result is totally stylish - probably the coolest car around - I cannot go anywhere without people wanting to talk about it or photograph it - I got mobbed at Matlock Bath! I let a brand new GTR out of a junction, the driver stopped, opened his window and expressed how great he thought my car was! In a queue of Ferrari & Porsches at Silverstone, it was the Mini that got the attention of onlookers!

It is a Carb engine which is fantastic, lovely note from the sports exhaust. Rear seatbelts are fitted to the leather interior. The Roll-cage enhances safety and doesn't intrude on the passengers at all - like the rest of the car it is an utterly brilliant job.

The front suspension is adjustable, there is a great sound system, with 6*9's subtly under the back seat. The drive is very firm, set up for great handling.

Has to be seen!! I'm totally convinced the first to see will buy as I've turned down 3 offers earlier in the year when I wasn't interested in selling. With the big wheels, extremely sporty suspension and extra rigidity from the roll cage I can bet this is the best handling car around, and probably the most fun too. The engine turns out a shade over 70bhp, for those interested in figures.

I nearly forgot the sound system - Its great! I don't really want to sell but I'm changing business and it won't do as a family car as we now have 3 under 5!

I do not let the car go out on salty roads and avoid wet conditions where possible. It is garaged at all times when at home due to the classic car insurance terms.


1989 classic mini cooper sport spec 1275cc 1

1989 classic mini cooper sport spec 1275cc front

1989 classic mini cooper sport spec 1275cc 2

1989 classic mini cooper sport spec 1275cc 3

1989 classic mini cooper sport spec 1275cc 4

1989 classic mini cooper sport spec 1275cc back

1989 classic mini cooper sport spec 1275cc engine bay

1989 classic mini cooper sport spec 1275cc interior

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