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1968 Morris Minor Traveller
(Featured on 26th May 2013)

Make: Morris
Model: Minor
Year: 1968
Registration: VPH 165G

Sellers original description:

If you have been searching for a truly exceptional example, of the ever popular Morris Minor Traveller, something much better than the many average ones out there, then your search should be over with this stunning example. VPH 165G has been prepared to extremely high standards and is beautifully presented throughout to factory original specification. VPH 165G is mechanically and structurally excellent, comes with a fresh 12 month MOT and is ‘on the button’, ready to be used and enjoyed straight away.

Bodywork, Woodwork & Paintwork:

Structurally VPH 165G is very strong, with a nice solid floor pan and chassis legs. As you would expect of any Morris Minor of this age it has signs of localised repairs which have been carried out to a good standard. The underside photograph best demonstrates this. All the wings are steel and in excellent overall condition. When you lift up the carpets the floors are all painted in the correct smoke grey and the spare wheel compartment as can be seen in the images is nicely detailed. Similarly the engine bay panels are in good order. The only area I can see for improvement is the driver’s door. Both front doors have had repairs to the bottoms which is common however the driver’s door has been carried out poorly and would benefit from doing properly at some point in the future.

The ash frame was completely replaced some years ago and has been maintained exceptionally well ever since. Having recently been stripped and re-varnished it looks lovely and will require no maintenance for the foreseeable future.

Quite simply the paintwork looks fabulous, with a deep shine and lustre to it. It’s not perfect with the odd small blemish here and there and one or two very small dinks but overall it’s very nice and shows well.

Interior & Chromework:

The interior is all standard as it should be. A lot of it appears to be original and is in good, used condition, with a sort of tidy and mellowed look to it. The headlining is unmarked. Inertia seat belts are fitted.

The chromework overall is very good, especially the door fittings. The bumpers have some signs of pitting but not much.

Mechanics & Suspension:

I would never knowingly pass on any classic car with mechanical issues and that is why I take great care in going through the drive train properly. As you can see the engine bay is nicely and correctly detailed, which will make maintaining this example a pleasure. Not that it should require much apart from sensible routine maintenance as it is in fine fettle. The engine is incredibly smooth for an A series and I am going to make a bold statement here – It does not appear to have ANY oil leaks. The gearbox is lovely and smooth and there are no knocks or rattles from anywhere else from the suspension or back axle. The engine has just been serviced, tuned and is running perfectly. The radiator is relatively new and an alternator with electronic ignition is fitted for better electrical performance. The exhaust is stainless steel. The brakes have recently been overhauled and a servo is fitted. The tyres are nearly new (bar the spare) and the wheels have just been rebalanced and the tracking checked. The suspension all round, is also clean and well presented

So, all in all, VPH 165G is ‘on the button’ and ready to be used and enjoyed. There should be nothing for the new owner to do in the short term and as long as a sensible programme of preventative maintenance is put into place, VPH 165G should provide many years of happy and fun motoring.


1968 Morris Minor Traveller 1

1968 Morris Minor Traveller Right Side

1968 Morris Minor Traveller Left Side

1968 Morris Minor Traveller 2

1968 Morris Minor Traveller Rear

1968 Morris Minor Traveller Rear Doors Open

1968 Morris Minor Traveller Boot

1968 Morris Minor Traveller Engine Bay

1968 Morris Minor Traveller Underside

1968 Morris Minor Traveller Interior

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