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1967 Morris Minor Van
(Featured on 17th October 2010)

Make: Morris
Model: Minor
Year: 1967
Registration: MW0 778F

Sellers original description:

1967 Morris Minor Van.

Dove grey.

Truly outstanding condition.

History of this remarkable little van:

The story as far as I know starts in the late 1980's when a panel beater working for Herefords oldest body repair business got permission from his boss to restore the old Morris van that had been in the yard for as long as anyone could remember. In his own time the panel beater- Mr Redding put the old van back into roadworthy condition. Paul Reddings employers- Silcox and sons noticed the remarkable transformation into prestine classic and sponsered the supply and application of the then expensive respray, in return the finished van was to be signwritten in proud golden lettering with the name JW Silcox and son- it became known in our little town as the 'SILCOX VAN'

Jump forward ten years to 1998 and I bought the van from Paul when he moved to a new position at the Mercedes dealer 25 miles away and the van was to prove too valuable for the cut and thrust of rush hour commuting.

I thought this would be a great fun classic to take my new born boy to nursery and also solve the age old argument with my father about what was the best van ever- we both agreed the Morris Minor! I have used the van sparingly for the last decade, with my father putting most of the miles under the tyres, it has travelled perhaps 200 miles in the last three years, so now it seeks a new driver, owner, enthusiast.

Condition report:

Body: The body on this van is solid and original. It has excellent roof gutters, and original sides repaired with new old stock wheel archs by Paul in 1989. I replaced the sills and floor pans with handmade 16swg (thick steel) items, these are to original patten and are just thicker steel, I hoped to make it a safer car ride for my family, oh and I had just bought my Eckold metal shaping machine so everyhting out of my workshop was hand made and extra thick that year. This last year I have adjusted the door gaps to finer gaps more suitable to a Maserati, and had the whole van repainted in it's original dove grey.

Chassis: Solid but with some new sections installed all vunerable areas are in good conditionans waxoiled- please review photos pack

Engine: This van has a 1098cc A series engine. It starts 'on the button', well key really. Its ort of lively in a reliable sort of way. Free revvvng, easy starting economical and of course has that 'parp, parp, parp' that makes everyone smile!

Gearbox: The Morris gearbox changes neatly and directly. It changes cleanly, doesnt rumble and stays in gear on the over run too!.

Interior: New carpets are fitted complemented by red seats from a two door saloon

Brakes and Clutch: Renewed over the years I have owned the van with hardly any wear now.

Summary: A well restored rare van that has been maintained by enthusiastic experts, cherished but also used, this is a great oppurtunity to own.


1967 morris minor van 1

1967 morris minor van 2

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1967 morris minor van engine bay

1967 morris minor van interior 1

1967 morris minor van interior 2

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