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1967 Morris Minor 1000 White
(Featured on 19th January 2011)

Make: Morris
Model: Minor
Year: 1967
Registration: LFU825F
Mileage: 25,000

Sellers original description:

Beloved Morris Minor "little mo". It is with regret that we have to let go of little mo but unfortunatly she is loosing her garage space and to store her outside in all weathers would be pure evil!! So we have decided to sell her on to somebody else that will cherish her for years to come.

I have to say you will be hard pressed to find another Morris Minor in such a good original state as this one, its incredibly tidy and has not undergone any extensive restorations! It is displaying a genuine 25000 miles on the odometer which has mots to back up. This car was laid up in 1981/82 and not recomissioned until 2002!! So 20 years of being in hibernation has done her proud to say the least!!

While in our ownership shes always been garaged and only used when weather would permitt (I made an exception for my friends wedding as phtoed, but it took some persuading!) she drives perfectly with no untoward noises or rattles, the engine sings perfectly and never requires any topping up of fluids, & the same goes for the transmission which is smooth and silent. All the minimal controls & switches work exactly as they should, still has pneaumatic washer bootle & plunger switch. Little mo also comes complete with her original tool kit & jack that doubles up as a starting crank handle, & original number plates. On her last mot she required an exhaust mount and the wiring to the left side headlamp, this was due to a bad connection, so to be on the safe side all the bullet connections and joints to the front lights have been replaced with approved parts from esm morris minor parts centre.

Bodywork wise, the car has had replacement wings, but apart from that, we believe everything to still be original. Make no mistake this car is no patchwork quilt! The underside is immaculate and original. You will also be able to see this as its not lashed up in thick underseal!! Its really that good. The sills are also solid with no nasty holes or areas of rot. The drivers seat was restuffed by the previous owner so thats nice and plump as is the passenger side. The only thing that isnt original are 3 auxillary gauges that are fitted down on the righthand side of the steering wheel under the dashboard, one displaying oil pressure, one engine temperature, and the other fuel economy. These have not been cut into the dash in any way and could be removed by the new keeper if they wanted to return back to stock. The car also comes with its original handbook and workshop manual!!

So there you have it, as it states its mot is valid till october 2011 and road tax till september 2011 which is free as the car is tax exempt. Affordable classic car you've promised yourself, just in time for the good weather and endless car rallies!


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1967 morris minor 1000 white 2

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1967 morris minor 1000 white interior

1967 morris minor 1000 white dashboard

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