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1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe
(Featured on 7th December 2013)

Make: Morris
Model: Mini
Year: 1961
Mileage: 39,000
Registration: 698 XUA

Sellers original description:

Much loved Mk1 1961 Morris Mini Minor Deluxe, as I no longer have the time to enjoy it. I have owned the car since 2010, and in that time I have maintained it to a very high standard.

It is finished in Old English White, and the paintwork is beautiful as commented by many people where I have taken it to shows. (professionally painted). It won an award for `Best Mini in Show' at the Woburn Rally in 2010

It has covered just over 39,000 miles from new, incredibly low mileage for this Mini, and this is believed to be genuine from many original maintenance records dating back to 1961. Records from the years 1961 to 1968, and then 1976 show mileage which tallies up. In 1976, the mileage was 14,169 miles.

The car spent a few years in Northern Ireland, and while still there in 2009, the mileage was 37845 as shown on the MOT for that year. The car was repatriated to mainland UK soon after this, when I purchase it in 2010.

The car was restored over 10 years ago, and has been done to a very high standard, but at the same time has retained a very nice patina, or oldness to it. I would describe the cars' condition and patina as being of a car about a year old, it still has the old car smell of the interior, something which can never be replicated on other cars which have been `over restored'

Except for the carpets, mats, and door pull chords, the interior is completely original to the car, all switches, instruments, door cards. The roof lining and sun visors are also original, and in superb condition.The battery cover is also original, as is the tan coloured strap which secures it in place.

The engine is also original, however the original `cone' synchromesh box gave up the ghost and I replaced it myself with a 3 -synchromesh box, and gear changes are now smooth in all gears. The engine still runs on 4 -star petrol (I use fuel additive instead). I am unsure if and when it has been rebuilt, but a check on the spark plug colour shows a lovely `biscuit brown' on all of them, so the engine is in very good condition. It sounds lovely, ticks over smoothly and is strong and lively just as it should be. Drives superbly well.

The master cylinders are the original early ones, with the original metal caps, and they work perfectly. As for the brakes, last month I replaced all wheel cylinders, hoses, shoes, adjusters etc, so they now feel like new.

I have also fitted a new exhaust, and it has a lovely engine tone.

Bodywork is in superb overall condition, inside, out, and underneath. I am unsure what panels have been replaced, but I would guess it is the outer sills, wings and A-Panels. the floors look original, as does the boot floor. They simply haven't needed to be changed! Doors, boot lid etc. in fantastic condition.

The wheels and tyres are also in great condition, and the tyres themselves are `India GT' tyres, very rare, and go well with the car.

I have been a Mini enthusiast for several years, and have restored another one myself to show standard, so any work done by me on this car (servicing, health check, gearbox change, brake overhaul, fitting exhaust etc. has been done to a high standard. I have taken no shortcuts on anything and have recorded all maintenance carried out.

I have also gone through everything thoroughly, and subjected it to a major service myself and to check all nuts are done up correctly, everything is lubricated, checked the ignition points etc. Oil changed last month.

Runs on dynamo, and has the original Lucas DM2 distributor

One bad point I need to mention: There is a small area of very slight bubbling near the bottom of the Near side A-Panel. It is small and has been there ever since I have had the car. Its one of those things you will not notice unless you go looking for it, its me being fussy I suppose. This in no way detracts from the superb overall condition of the car.

The registration is not the original one unfortunately. I am unsure of when it was changed.

Everything works on this car as it should, and it comes with 12 months MOT. I will be very sorry to see this little gem go, it has not let me down once. But I just don't have the time to enjoy it and would like the car to go to someone who will cherish & look after it as I have.

There must be very few Mk1 Minis' in existence which can boast the originality, and low mileage as this one. It will make a superb car to take to Mini & classic car shows this Summer, as it always gets lots of attention.


1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe 1

1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe 2

1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe Side

1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe Back

1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe Boot

1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe Boot Floor Spare Wheel

1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe Underside

1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe Engine Bay

1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe Interior

1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe Seats

1961 Morris Mini Minor MK1 Deluxe Speedometer

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