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1937 Morris 8 Series 2
(Featured on 23rd January 2012)

Make: Morris
Model: Eight
Year: 1937
Registration: EGP 815

Sellers original description:

Morris 8. series 2. 1937. this car is 74 years old. The car has undergone a full body off restoration. the previous owner spend in excess off £12k. with reciepts to show. the chasiss and body off welding was done by chestnut restorations. and what a job they have done. all photographs available with the car.

the Engine has only covered 900 miles. the engine is a military engine, fitted in 2006 with a 2 year warranty. these engines were used to help start the large engines in the military tanks. the oil pressure is excellent, it runs sweet and sounds very tight as it should. it is'nt even run in yet. starts no problem. the car has the original tools and starting handle. the wheels have been stove enamelled. the tyres are like new. the head lining as can be seen in the pictures is new. the whole car is a credit to its former owner. We are reluctantly selling the car due to it being too small for the purpose in which we bought it.

the trafficators work fine. the 3 speed gearbox works a treat, taking into account the age of the car it drives well. very happy at 45mph, but would do more, but being sympathetic to its age and the fact the engine is not really run in yet we have driven the car with consideration..

The car is an original registration and not age related, therefore the number plate alone is very valuable and is transferrable

since we have owned the car, we have had a new stainless steel exhaust make for it, we have put on the badge bar and badges, being careful to keep in keeping with the cars age. we have also just had it re-carpeted.

when out and about in the car it is always being pointed at and when we stop we are inundated with people who can remember them with fondness from there youth. The car looks great, we welcome anyone interested to come and see it, we will happily take you out for a test ride. The car runs on 6 volts so we don't venture out on evenings.

The car is kept garaged and polished. whoever comes to see it will not be dissapointed. I'm sure there are lots of other things i could mention. Please remember for a car of this age as it is in fantastic condition, it is not a new car. it doesn't have mod cons, such as heaters, stereo's and power steering. It has a front window that opens for ventilation, it has a tiny wiper for clearing the rain from the window. And best of all. It ooozzes character.

The only thing the Morris Eight now needs is the seats covering. They are leather and show signs of age, the rear one is passable, the front ones worn. Some would say patina, others would say in need of recovering. It's a persons own view of what is to over restore or not..

Whoever buys this car will need to consider it's speeds are not ones that travel on a motorway so it would be wise to take away on trailor. Unless your extremely brave...


1937 morris 8 series 2 1

1937 morris 8 series 2 2

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1937 morris 8 series 2 engine

1937 morris 8 series 2 interior

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