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1970 Morris 1300 Mk2
(Featured on 10th July 2013)

Make: Morris
Model: 1300 Mk2
Year: 1970
Registration: UKJ 419H

Sellers original description:

Beautiful 1970 Morris 1300 Automatic in outstanding original unmolested condition.

It would be extremely difficult to find another in this condition, this is a unique opportunity, I'll be really sorry to see it go but I simply have too many Classic Cars and not enough time to spend on each one and as I already have other 1100's I've reluctantly decided to let this one go.

As I am a Classic Car enthusiast and very knowledgeable, especially with the 1100 and 1300 range of cars, it has been very well looked after and always kept under cover under my ownership and the description will be accurate but once the photos have been looked at there shouldn't be much to ask as these should tell it all. My description might even be a little over critical but I am a perfectionist and don't want to leave the buyer under any illusions, I like to be totally honest

Lovely condition throughout. Wings, sill structures, floors, interior and carpets are all original, it has the characteristic smell that a low mileage 1100 or 1300 has as soon as you open the door. It still has its original dealer fitted "Prestige" pressed number plates

The seats are beautiful with nice raised grain, really comfortable and free from any sun damage, it is the same story with the headlining, beautiful and tight as you can see from the photos

As the carpets are original there is a small amount of wear to them but they are about the best you'll ever find on a 43 year old car

Good starter and runner, the engine sounds beautiful, pulls well and the AP Automatic Transmission changes up and down when it should, there are no delays when engaging drive or reverse, the kick down works straight away when the accelerator is pressed to the floor. The change from 3rd to 4th is a little sluggish sometimes but easing off the accelerator helps it engage, this may be because the car has hardly had any use in its life, this does not affect the driving pleasure, it drives really well, is very taut and sits on the road really nicely as you'd expect a low mileage example to. It has an excellent heater,it blows lovely and warm and all the controls and the two speed blower work correctly-ideal for the weather we're getting lately!

The Glacier White paintwork is largely original and is very bright and shiny. As this is an unrestored, original car there are some slight blemishes here and there but it looks so much better for being original and not resprayed, the turned over edges of the rear wheel arches are excellent all the way round with no bulges, corrosion or swelling between the spotwelds

The rear subframe and its mounting panel are original

The engine compartment is clean, tidy and original with no welded repairs to the inner wings

The car has won some awards in recent years. It came 3rd in the best Mk2 Class of the 1100 Club National Rally at Wythall Transport Museum which was held on the 18th and 19th July 2009, it also came runner up in the Best Visiting Class at the Allegro National Rally 2013. It has also won quite a few times in local shows, this will give you an idea of other peoples opinions about its condition

I will drive anywhere in this car, I recently travelled from Shropshire to the Bromley Pageant of Motoring in Kent, a round trip of 430 miles, at motorway speeds I had to keep an eye on the oil level and top up when necessary but it must be remembered that Automatics run at higher revs at these speeds and some "A" Series Engines, especially the 1300 do tend to vary with their oil consumption and with Automatics the dipstick is in a different position to the manual version, it can take several attempts to get an accurate reading as being parked on a slope etc affects the level more. There is no smoke visible from the exhaust when it is running

It has very recently had an unleaded cylinder head fitted and the battery is also recent

Comprehensive rustproofing was carried out including careful wax injection to all parts of the sill structure and all box sections, bulkhead, rear inner wheel arches and inner wings

Before sale it will have had new seals fitted to the brake master cylinder

It has always been carefully looked after, polished, kept dry, not used on salted roads in winter, rear brakes adjusted regularly, had regular oil and filter changes and ball joints etc greased

A radio has never been fitted and the blanking plate is still present

An absolutely lovely car throughout.


1970 Morris 1300 Mk2 1

1970 Morris 1300 Mk2 2

1970 Morris 1300 Mk2 Side

1970 Morris 1300 Mk2 3

1970 Morris 1300 Mk2 Back

1970 Morris 1300 Mk2 Boot

1970 Morris 1300 Mk2 Engine Bay

1970 Morris 1300 Mk2 Interior Seats

1970 Morris 1300 Mk2 Interior Dashboard Steering Wheel

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