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1992 Mint Condition Auto Nissan Micra
(Featured on 21st January 2012)

Make: Nissan
Model: Micra
Year: 1992
Mileage: 12,669
Registration: J258 GGX

Sellers original description:

Mint 1992 white auto Nissan Micra coupe, genuine 12,000 miles on the clock, one elderly lady owner, full Nissan service history 18 stamps, two original keys, taxed and moted, bodywork in excellent condition with no rust, sunroof, drives superb with no mechanical issues, a popular classic thats becoming very rare, watch this increase in value over the next few years.

Special auto Nissan Micra, a special little car because its got only 12,000 miles on the clock and its been owned for the last 20 years by an elderly lady, Now I usually only buy and sell German classics like Mercs, BMW and VW's ... so when my friends at Nissan dealership Ancaster informed me that they have got a part exchange for me to buy and that its a Micra, my first impression was uhh a Micra...but then they told me that it belong to one of thier customers who purchased the car brand new from them 20 years ago and that its been serviced and moted every year by them i was like interesting...then they told me its got only 12,000 miles on the clock...I told them to keep it for me....and when I saw it for the first time I must say it was one of the best if not the best I have seen, they then informed me that the car was only being sold because the elderly lady who could'nt drive the car anymore passed it on to her daughter in September 2010 who in turn later took it in as part ex for a newer model, and to describe the car in a nutshell I will say the bodywork its in excellent condition with no dents or dings with the exception of a small scuff on the left side front fender, and the certainly no rust anywhere, all lights and fittings are in excellent original condition, the interior is also in mint condition with no rips tears or cracks anywhere and the back seat looks like no one has ever sat there before, mechanically the car starts first time everytime and it drives superb and the auto gearbox pulls and respond very well, all in all the car is in very superb condition which can be kept as a classic car or used as a daily driver...

The service history:

05/05/1993 Minor Service 827 miles Ancaster group of Croydon.
26/04/1994 Major Service 1262 miles Ancaster.
27/04/1995 Major Service 1862 miles Ancaster.
26/04/1996 Major Service 2558 miles Ancaster.
11/04/1997 Major Service 3044 miles Ancaster.
27/04/1998 Major Service 3606 miles Ancaster.
23/04/1999 Major Service 4301 miles Ancaster.
14/04/2000 Minor Service 4703 miles Ancaster.
25/04/2001 Major Service 5108 miles Ancaster.
26/04/2002 Major Service 5470 miles Ancaster.
23/04/2003 Major Service 5784 miles Ancaster.
30/04/2004 Major Service 6082 miles Ancaster.
03/05/2005 Major Service 6364 miles Ancaster.
27/04/2006 Major Service 6757 miles Ancaster.
23/04/2007 Major Service 7193 miles Ancaster.
28/04/2008 Major Service 7708 miles Ancaster.
20/04/2009 Major Service 8168 miles Ancaster.
26/04/2010 Major Service 8678 miles Ancaster.


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mint 1992 automatic nissan micra front

mint 1992 automatic nissan micra 2

mint 1992 automatic nissan micra 3

mint 1992 automatic nissan micra 4

mint 1992 automatic nissan micra back

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mint 1992 automatic nissan micra interior 1

mint 1992 automatic nissan micra interior 2

mint 1992 automatic nissan micra speedometer

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