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1993 1.0L Nissan Micra Red
(Featured on 16th May 2010)

Make: Nissan
Model: Micra
Year: 1993
Registration: K85 EMS
Mileage: 13,900

Sellers original description:

One owner from new, 13,900 miles Nissan Micra `shape` edition in outstanding original condition.

She has owned it from new, and you can work out just how little she used it....I think it was to the shops 2 miles away a few times a week.

It really is as good as the pictures show.. It has never been repaired or resprayed etc etc

It has a full Nissan history until 3 years ago when the local Nissan dealer closed, and she didn't want to travel into Edinburgh with it, so used a local reputable independant garage, and the service book is stamped accordingly. It also has the original bill of sale !

It will make an ideal first car for someone wanting an immaculate small engined Micra with low low insurance etc, or even store it, put it away and it will be a future classic as it is in original factory condition....the spare has never been out of the boot etc.

This Nissan Micra drives like a brand new car and is an absolute delight !


1993 nissan micra 1l 1

1993 nissan micra 1l 2

1993 nissan micra 1l 3

1993 nissan micra 1l 4

1993 nissan micra 1l engine bay

1993 nissan micra 1l interior

1993 nissan micra 1l speedometer

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