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1991 Nissan Figaro
(Featured on 29th March 2010)

Make: Nissan
Model: Figaro
Year: 1991
Mileage: 655

Sellers original description:

Extremely rare Nissan Figaro. These cars have an almost ‘cult’ following.

The current owner had this car sourced and brought into the UK and registered here on 16th June 2006. He is a fastidious character, owning a number of rare and beautiful classics; this car met his exact requirement.

This Figaro stands out from others for the following reasons:

The car was placed on display for the first fifteen years of its life, in a Nissan Dealer’s showroom in Tokyo and consequently has covered an amazingly miniscule mileage of 655 miles or as the speedometer displays 1048 kilometres, I’ll repeat that 655 miles = 1048 kilometres. Another way of considering that it is likely this car has only ever been to a petrol station three times in its entire existence.

If Carlsberg’s marketing department were to describe this car it might be along the lines of ‘Probably the lowest mileage Nissan Figaro in the world!’

The car is finished in Lapis grey, which is absolutely unmarked; the interior is in unmarked white leather and still has evidence of the plastic protectors when delivered. Fitted with a totally immaculate sliding roof panel this car is completely original, its only addition is an insurance required Category One Thatcham alarm system.

This car has been kept in an under floor heated and temperature controlled garage and slumbers in its Carcoon. The current owner has an extensive collection of rare cars and periodically sells a car off as a new interest catches his eye and so this oh so rare car is offered for sale. It has road tax and a current MOT.

Incredible time warp condition.


1991 nissan figaro grey white 1

1991 nissan figaro grey white 2

1991 nissan figaro grey white boot

1991 nissan figaro grey white interior

1991 nissan figaro grey white dashboard

1991 nissan figaro grey white engine bay

1991 nissan figaro grey white underside 1

1991 nissan figaro grey white underside 2

1991 nissan figaro grey white underside 3

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