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1985 Nissan Bluebird SGL Automatic
(Featured on 5th January 2011)

Make: Nissan
Model: Bluebird
Year: 1985
Registration: C560 EYB
Mileage: 55,000

Sellers original description:

Well I bought this Bluebird (Hubert) about 3 or 4 months ago and it's been 99.9% perfect.

(.1%= I replaced the thermostat.)

It really is immaculate and in genuinely very very close to concours condition. I know some people put "minter" in ads but this car isn't one of those cars. It's far better than that. It's not some spivved up rotbox. It has no rust and is 100% solid.

It's done just over 55,000 miles and I'm the second owner. The first was an old chap called Hubert and hence it's now the car's name also.

Hubert has an MOT for about 8 months and tax for a couple.

I bought an Auto as the Missus wanted to learn to drive (at 44) and it's previously been proven that she just isn't co-ordinated enough to use a manual box. She's been out once with me around the local Homebase carpark but says the car is too big for her.

What else can I say? The car has started first time every time even through this winter period, is and has been a faultless drive. I've done about 2000 miles in it. I use it every day as my daily driver and I have a commute of town B road and A road and the combined fuel economy in the time I've had it is 27mpg. It has an overdrive fitted which works perfectly and helps the economy when switched in. It's the most comfortable car I've ever driven and I've driven the car non stop for journeys of over 3 hours. Friends call it a comfy settee of a car, the rear seats have hardly ever been sat in.

It has electric windows all round, central locking (speaking honestly it can be temperamental) and even comes with it's original tape player and push button radio both seperate to each other and strangely able to be turned on at the same time meaning you can listen to the news with a tape playing along in the background.

Prior to my buying it the car was in a Nissan dealership as an example of the longevity of Nissans and could easily be used for the same purpose still. It would also make an impact at car shows too. I even came out of Stansted Services one day to find two different people taking photos of the car and we all had a bit of a chat about it's condition.

I can only see this Nissan Bluebird going up in price in the future if kept in this condition and I can imagine that if you took it to a show in Spring or Summer and stuck a £1500 price tag (or maybe more) on it you'd get a lot of interest. There is no rust on the car and I will get it valeted before sale. I use it daily so the mileage will slowly creep up.


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