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1988 Nissan BE1
(Featured on 26th July 2011)

Make: Nissan
Model: BE1
Year: 1988
Registration: F657 0FG
Sellers original description:
The Nissan Be - 1 was the first of 3 advanced development projects by Nissan manufactured in their Pike Factory. The Be -1 in 1987, the Nissan Pao in 1989 and the Nissan Figaro in 1991. The design process of the Be -1 was radical at the time, and was developed further in the Pao and Figaro which owe their Retro Styling concepts to those birthed by the Be -1 Project. Asked to comment on the design, people called it 'fun' and 'amusing' but had no evaluation term for 'CUTE'. Yoshiro Kobata on the design team said ''up to now no car had been designed to a CUTENESS brief!"

You will have noticed it was way ahead of its time as its styling on the inside and out has provided a number of pointers for today's retro style cars.

This example is as close to a new one as you will find.

The engine is 1.0 Micra engine and has a clutch and 5 speed gear box so service items are very easy still to buy.

These are incredibly rare in Japan with only a handful in uk. It is even rarer to find a manual version. This one is as close to a new one as you will find.

The interior is in near new condition having no smoker owners.

The body work is also like new with no Marks, no dents or any scratches.

The rear window has an after market tint window film in good condition.

The speedo is showing MPH sticker but is still in Km/H.

This Nissan BE-1 makes a very practical classic car alternative due to its exceptional reliability, build quality and cheap running costs and is very comfortable too with a/c.

If you want something that really is different or want to add to your Pike collection then you need look no further!


1988 nissan be - 1 1

1988 nissan be - 1 2

1988 nissan be - 1 3

1988 nissan be - 1 interior

1988 nissan be - 1 dashboard steering wheel

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