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2000 Nissan Almera
(Featured on 3rd December 2010)

Make: Nissan
Model: Almera
Year: 2000
Registration: W737 ABW
Mileage: 32,500

Sellers original description:

Must be one of the best available Nissan Almera Diesel available.

Although registered with one previous owner, this was in fact the Nissan Motor Company, whom like many Companies pre-register vehicles for sales figure purposes.

This Nissan Almera is in pristine condition and as covered only 32,500 miles from new, which is minor for a diesel car.

When I collected the car and switched on the garage light it was an unbelievable sight to see a 2000 model car in this condition.

The inside is also in immaculate condition & the spare has never seen daylight.

The is an incredible service history and paperwork including paper cutting and original brochure.

The service history is full main Nissan agent Glyn Hopkin.

Here are the details for the servicing:

01-07-00 miles 1948

14-06-01 miles 6465

20-06-02 miles 10694

19-06-03 miles 14440

14-07-04 miles 17599

14-07-06 miles 22734

14-07-09 miles 24976

17-06-10 miles 30529

Everything works correctly!!

Drives beautifully

Returns over 53 mpg on a run.


2000 nissan almera td 1

2000 nissan almera td 2

2000 nissan almera td 3

2000 nissan almera td 4

2000 nissan almera td 5

2000 nissan almera td 6

2000 nissan almera td boot

2000 nissan almera td engine bay

2000 nissan almera td interior 1

2000 nissan almera td interior 2

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