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1985 Nissan 300C SGL Automatic
(Featured on 24th December 2010)

Make: Nissan
Model: 300C
Year: 1985
Registration: C200 VVC
Mileage: 37,000

Sellers original description:

Very rare Nissan 300c. 1 owner from new and only 37,000 genuine miles.

The 300c or Y30 was engineered and built to a very high standard and marketed to compete with BMW and Mercedes. The drive therefore is incredibly luxurious and in my opinion better than the other afore mentioned marques. Incredible sumptuous comfort and an effortless drive, courtesy of the V6 155 BHP power plant (120 mph and 0-60 in 8 seconds!) The drive and ride is akin to an American Cadillac and the American theme continues with the cars looks, which are, the now popular and fashionable gangster look.

The choices of upholstery and other finishes are fascinating. Gorgeous mink like upholstery and deep buttoned suede door panels and deep pile carpeting are all absolutely beautiful, and all are in incredible condition. All the switchgear and buttons still look brand new and make you wonder if the car was always driven with gloves on. There is something quirky and of interest wherever you look in the cabin and the exterior is no different with more chrome than you can shake a stick at. It's a wonderful car in wonderful original condition and it still provides a more luxurious drive than most modern luxurious cars produced today. I genuinely believe because this is such an unusual and outstanding car.


1985 nissan 300 c sgl auto 1

1985 nissan 300 c sgl auto 2

1985 nissan 300 c sgl auto 3

1985 nissan 300 c sgl auto 4

1985 nissan 300 c sgl auto 5

1985 nissan 300 c sgl auto 6

1985 nissan 300 c sgl auto 7

1985 nissan 300 c sgl auto interior 1

1985 nissan 300 c sgl auto interior 2

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