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1998 Peugeot 106 GTI
(Featured on 10th August 2012)

Make: Peugeot
Model: 106 GTI
Year: 1998
Registration: R368 X0N

Sellers original description:

106 GTI in stunning original 'time warp' collectors condition.

I purchased the car a year ago with the intention of keeping it for many years to come, but circumstances have changed so I have reluctantly decided to sell.

I am the second owner from new, the first being a mature lady owner who purchased the car as a present to herself with redundancy money from her job. Her husband was an engineer and serious Peugeot enthusiast who also restored classic cars in his spare time.

This 106 GTI came under his care from day 1 and he has meticulously cleaned and polished the car since his wife first took delivery of it in 1998.

The car has been garaged from new and has always only ever been to the main dealer for servicing and any work that has been needed. It was never used through the winter months as her husband always had a company car that the family had access to and used religiously throughout those periods.

The car is in truly immaculate condition and I don't mean just the bits you can see on the outside. When I first viewed the car I was amazed at the condition of the underside and was informed that he had spent many, many hours over the years on a creeper underneath the car cleaning and polishing the various components.

It has been my intention to keep this for the future, because there aren't many standard ones left anymore and you couldn't find one in this state of original conditon without inventing a time machine and going back to '98!!

I owned a 3 year old 32K mile 106 GTI back in early 2000 and the condition of this car 12 years on is still light years ahead of what that was even back then! I paid £8K for that car, comparatively making this GTI a bit of a bargain...Depreciation values will shortly fall by the wayside and prices will start to be dictated by rarity and desirability like all the best classics.

I believe this is one of the best you will ever find at any price, there might be lower mileage cars out there, and I've seen a few over the last few years, but I've yet to see one that has been cared for like this car has. I was also informed it had never even been over 70MPH!

It has a full main dealer history with thousands in recepits. Visiting Peugeot annually for MOT's and servicing with an open cheque book for whatever they prescribed it needed.

It had a full cambelt kit at 27K, and then another one again at 34K, just as an example.

It comes with all paperwork from new, original sales receipts and brochures and Service history catalogued and foldered.

The car has a rear sun shade fitted to the parcel shelf and headlight and spot protectors, the only options available on the GTI at the time. It also has the side rub strips which disappeared from late 98, and I think make the car look much better and that little bit rarer now.

Anybody who has ever driven a 106 GTI will know that it is one of the most entertaining hot hatches money can buy, and undoubtedly one of the last great chassis peugeot ever produced...It is the true spiritual successor to the 205 GTI...I was never a fan of the 306 GTI-6 a bit big and heavy for my liking after the 1980's flyweights!

This is a car for the connoisseur and is ready to do the shows. I would really like it to go to somebody who will preserve it for the years to come. Standard, mint 205 GTI and 5 GT Turbo prices have been seriously firming up of late and I expect 106 GTI to do the same in a few short years as numbers also start to dwindle and the original ones become like the proverbial hens teeth.

So it's a financial investment for the future, and from a heart point of view, a really special thing to own and enjoy .

The car has been carcooned since I purchased it to preserve it in the same beautiful conditon. The Carcoon is not included in the sale.


1998 peugeot 106 gti 1

1998 peugeot 106 gti front

1998 peugeot 106 gti 2

1998 peugeot 106 gti back

1998 peugeot 106 gti wheel

1998 peugeot 106 gti engine

1998 peugeot 106 gti dashboard

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