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1967 Pontiac Le Mans
(Featured on 28th May 2014)

Make: Pontiac
Model: LeMans

Sellers original description:

1967 Pontiac Le Mans – Factory 326 Cu In with 2 Speed Glide.

Gulf Turquoise with Contrasting Black Morrokide Bucket Seat Interior.

This car was imported by me in 2009 from Texas where it spent its life, and believe me when I tell you it shows – kept in this dry State means the car has never been welded. All floors, inner and outer sills, boot floor – all are just as Pontiac intended.

The body of the car has just been painted (at the cost of £5K) in its original shade of Gulf Turquoise Metallic. All panels are laser straight with no issues at all, panel gaps are superb – simply stunning, just look at the pics. All bright work that needed attention was replaced from NPD in the US, but I wanted to keep this as original as possible so spent many hours machine polishing the other items.

All floors are factory colour coded, red oxide has been applied to them with the correct amount of frame over spray, all suspension and braking system has been replaced/rebuilt and finished with the factory production line stickers being put into place, even the propshaft has the correct colour coded rings on it, it really does look nice.

The engine compartment has been detailed and looks lovely, inner fenders are super clean as is the firewall – just as it would have done back in the day.

The engine was rebuilt prior to me purchasing the car but I removed the cylinder heads and oil pan to inspect when I brought it back – just to make sure. I can confirm that it is re-built, Pistons, rings, cam, bearings, fuel pump, coil, leads, carb, alternator, battery, voltage regulator etc…. – you name it, all new, but retains original exhaust cast manifolds. The Transmission shifts fine, nice a firm also……….

The interior has benefitted from a new headliner, seat covers, dash top, carpet, basically anything that needed addressing – looks superb.

The trunk area has never seen a welder – simply the best – superb!

I have all PHS (Pontiac Historical Services) Paperwork to back up the spec of the car, all original here, even down to the radio set and the original handbook in the glove box. That being said this is a factory a/c car although not fitted at present; I have removed it because it weighs so much, although it is supplied with the vehicle. The other item that is #’s matching and supplied with the car is the factory Carter AFB Carb – I have changed this for a Brand new (3 weeks ago) Edelbrock Carb, just for ease of running with an electric choke.

The wheels have been bead blasted and painted (Not Powder Coated), I wanted to show all of the Date Codes so kept the paint thin and applied 4 layers of clear coat – fronts and backs – they look superb with Brand new Embellishers, PMD Centres and White Band tyres.

That’s it really, an all together beautiful 67 having had thousands lavished on it. I will sell this car to Europe – in fact I can deliver it to a port of your choice so please mail me to obtain a quotation. If you are based in the UK I can also deliver so please contact with your postcode.

I have not yet registered the car as it has only just been completed (0 Miles!!!) but if the car remains in the UK I can do this for you.

I believe this car represents good value for money, you couldn't import and carry out the works I have for this money – always garaged in heated building, and in my eyes the best 67 available on this side of the pond.


1967 Pontiac Le Mans 1

1967 Pontiac Le Mans 2

1967 Pontiac Le Mans 3

1967 Pontiac Le Mans 4

1967 Pontiac Le Mans 5

1967 Pontiac Le Mans Boot

1967 Pontiac Le Mans Boot Floor

1967 Pontiac Le Mans Underside

1967 Pontiac Le Mans Engine Bay

1967 Pontiac Le Mans Interior

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