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1960 Hillman Husky Estate
(Featured on 27th May 2014)

Make: Rootes
Model: Hillman Husky
Year: 1960

Sellers original description:

Here is my 1960 Hillman Husky Series 1. In essence, the ultra-rare Husky was a 2-door Minx estate. It's sister was the Commer Cob van, a Husky with no rear side windows and no rear seat. So this was aimed at the practical family man; a neat and compact estate car well powered with the 1390cc ohv engine and roomy enough for four people. The rear seat folds flat to allow plenty of load area. She is in delightful order and oh so original. I cannot be sure if she has ever been painted although I am of the opinion that she probably has not. There are one or two tiny touch-up bits here and there which make me think this lovely 2-tone Salmon Pink and White old girl wears her original livery! Her original features are all there. The head lining, rubber floor mats, pink painted dash, white steering wheel and so forth. She drives beautifully and is incredibly rare. What a Goodwood vehicle! What a car for the shows and for 1950s-style picnics! Rarely ever seen on todays roads and even just as rare at the shows, the Husky is a perky little estate car offering great period styling. I enjoy my old films almost as much my old cars, and the then humble Husky was not the sort of car that popped up alongside all the old Police Wolseleys and Jaguars. Or did it? Well, yes it did. In the superlative 1960 British thriller The League of Gentlemen in which a group of ex-Army chaps stage a daring bank robbery under the leadership of the magnificent Jack Hawkins, a new Hillman Husky features largely as it carries the gold bars up the ramps and into the back of a furniture removal lorry. It is driven by the dashing Nigel Patrick. Oh sorry; I digress. You would struggle to find better anywhere, if indeed you can find one at all. And amazing originality is the key here. The engine bay is as pretty as the rest of the car and this late Series 1 with the older style dashboard represents a rare opportunity to acquire such an unusual survivor. She is as pretty as she looks in the photos although I don't feel that my pictures do her justice.


1960 Hillman Husky Estate 1

1960 Hillman Husky Estate 2

1960 Hillman Husky Estate 3

1960 Hillman Husky Estate 4

1960 Hillman Husky Estate 5

1960 Hillman Husky Estate 6

1960 Hillman Husky Estate 7

1960 Hillman Husky Estate Boot

1960 Hillman Husky Estate Engine Bay

1960 Hillman Husky Estate Interior

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