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1972 Rover P6 2000 TC
(Featured on 8th December 2013)

Make: Rover
Model: P6 2000 TC
Year: 1972
Mileage: 53,600

Sellers original description:

Q. What made you buy it ?

A. I first bought it in 2009 at a classic car show. The P6 model is the last 'real' Rover and the condition and colour (it's called Lunar Grey – but with a hint of green) really appealed to me. I felt it had a tremendously likeable character and would make a perfect car that would give 3,000 miles a year reliable and trouble-free motoring. I wasn't wrong, plus being manufactured in 1972, it's also a bonus not to pay road tax. I bought it a second time earlier this year, when the 5th owner bought a motorhome and found himself short on storage space. It was too good a car to stand out in all weathers, so I offered to buy it back off him and continued to enjoy it during the summer of 2013.

Q. Why are you selling it ?

A. I'm an O.A.P. and I get quite nostalgic about driving cars that I couldn't afford when I was a young man. My aim is to not to keep one car too long, but to take pleasure from driving a variety of different cars before I have to give up my licence. I think a very early series 1 Range Rover would be next on my list of desirable cars to own.

Q. What's your Rover 2000 TC like to drive ?

A. It's the twin carburettor model, so it's got a bit of poke when you need it – not as much as the 3500 V8 of course – just under 2 seconds slower from 0-60 mph, but it does offer a whopping 30-33 mpg compared to the V8's 18-20 mpg. Classed as a 4-seater sports saloon, it certainly keeps up with modern traffic and, because of its clever suspension, it easily irons out all those bumps and pot-holes unlike most other cars on the road today. Running on radial tyres, the road-holding is superb and has to be tried to be believed. There's no wallowing around corners, no bouncing up and down, no wheel hop – it's as if it runs on rails. The contoured seats really do offer arm-chair comfort, which is rather nice when we take it on the occasional holiday to Scotland or for a spin to the dozen or so classic car shows that are held throughout the summer. In fact, it's no trouble to spend any time behind the wheel, which is confirmed by the company's sales literature at the time which stated that 'the Rover 2000 was aimed at the young executive who wanted modern, sporting, high quality transport'. The large, unmarked steering wheel can be heavy at parking speeds, but quickly lightens up on the open road and the front and rear servo-assisted disc brakes give superb, modern day stopping performance. The heater is excellent as are the powerful fresh air vents and the all synchromesh gearbox is a delight to use. In summing up, I have to admit that this Rover gives a rewarding driving experience coupled with an unmistakeably luxurious interior.

Q. What are the safety and convenience features ?

A. Engine mounts are designed to direct the engine & gearbox under the vehicle in the event of a collision. + All outer panels are bolted-on to a skeletal base-frame, making replacements very easy. + Brushed stainless steel spoked wheeltrims. + The two, very deep under-fascia pockets are both padded for knee protection. + Inertia-reel seat belts for the driver and front passenger. + Impact-absorbing dashboard with deformable honeycomb structure. + Full width parcel shelf. + Anti-burst door locks. + Front & rear crumple zones. + Secret immobiliser switch. + Ergonomically designed individual bucket seats with good lateral support. + Fully adjustable front seat backs with ample fore and aft movement on the seat runners. + Up and down adjustment on the steering wheel. + Quad headlamp system gives a really broad flood of light at night. + Glass prisms on top of the side lights illuminates the front corners of the car. + 2-speed wipers plus intermittent. + Electric screen washers. + Heated rear screen. + High level brake light. + Interior lights, incl. map-reading light. + Radio/Cassette included. + 16 cu.ft of boot space (with the spare wheel in place). + Nice, short number plate (worth about £300) + Interior is light & airy with an excellent view of the car extremities. + Excellent club support with 1st class parts availability. All in all a very safe car to travel in.

Q. Can you give a brief run-down of the specifications ?

Body style : All original, unrestored, compact Sports Saloon.
Engine size : 4-cylinder, 1978 cc, twin carb.
Fuel consumption : 30 mpg + (unleaded 97-octane - hardened exhaust valves).
Top speed : 107 mph.
0- 60 mph : 12 seconds.
Compression ratio : 10:1
Bore and stroke : 85.7mm x 85.7mm.
Power output : 114 bhp @ 5,500 rpm.
Transmission : 4-speed all-synchromesh gearbox.
Mileage : 53,600 miles (verified by extensive history file).
Suspension : Independent at the front, - 'de Dion' layout at the rear.
Bodywork : Steel with an aluminium bonnet and boot lid.
Tyres : 14 inch radial tyres – 165/80 T.
Brakes : Servo-assisted disc brakes all round.
Servicing interval : 3,000 miles.
Length : 14ft 11in.
Width : 5ft 6in.
Height : 4ft 8in.
Weight : 25½ cwt.

Q. Is there a good documentation file with the car ?

Excellent service/maintainance record with bills/receipts relating to each owner from new. + V5 Registration document. + Original owners handbook. + A full file of old MOT's & tax discs. + Previous log books. + British Motor Industry 'Heritage Certificate' confirming year of manufacture. + List of parts suppliers. + Original handbook of Rover Distributors & Dealers (5th edition). + Unused napkins from original supplying dealer. + Various items of assorted P6 literature + 2 sets of keys. + Comprehensive workshop manuals. + P6 parts catalogue. + A special book entitled : the Rover P6 Anthology by Daniel Young.

Q. What's the condition of the car like ?

A. The underside has been waxoyled from new and re-applied at every service. No obvious evidence of any welding and the sills are still strong. The bodywork is in a totally original, unrestored and unmarked condition with nice paintwork, but there are a few tiny blemishes starting to appear under the paintwork on the front wing just above the side-lights and on the lower drivers door. It could be an issue 3-4 years down the line, but nothing that spoils her good looks at the moment. (see photos). + All the rubber window surrounds are in perfect condition. + The car has always been garaged and the engine is very clean for a car that's regularly driven, with all the relevant stickers still intact. + The interior comprises of beige vinyl with leather inserts and is in good order with a slightly used look in keeping with its age and mileage. + Very good tyres all round (rear tyres at 43,000 miles & front tyres at 48,500 miles) . + All the doors shut with a satisfying clunk. + Exhaust valves have been hardened to take unleaded petrol (97 octane). + Unmarked imitation wood trim + MOT until April 2014. Guide price £5,000 - £6,000. In conclusion, it's a fun car that is a joy to own. If you enjoy driving as much as I do, you won't be disappointed.


1972 Rover P6 2000 TC 1

1972 Rover P6 2000 TC Front Grille Lights

1972 Rover P6 2000 TC 2

1972 Rover P6 2000 TC Side

1972 Rover P6 2000 TC 3

1972 Rover P6 2000 TC Back

1972 Rover P6 2000 TC Engine Bay

1972 Rover P6 2000 TC Interior Seats

1972 Rover P6 2000 TC Interior Dashboard Steering Wheel

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