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1990 Rover 827 800 Vitesse Automatic
(Featured on 18th December 2011)

Make: Rover
Model: 827
Year: 1990
Registration: G54 VSR

Sellers original description:

This lovely Rover has been garaged for he last 18 months but has recently been MOT'd and taxed ready for sale. It now has a 12 month MOT and 6 months road tax. The car passed its MOT with an advisory notice issued for the front brakes. The car has now got new front discs and the callipers have been stripped and cleaned. It has also had a recent gearbox old change (yes, with the correct Hondamatic stuff!) 

I have owned it for around 3 years and bought it from it's long term owner. I have a number of Rover cars of various ages but have decided that it's time to move a few on to new owners to pay or forthcoming projects. In my ownership, I have only done around 700 miles. It drives and holds the road better than my 1999 2.0 800 vitesse and is far more refined.

It's not your average 20 year old Rover! The car is in fabulous condition, as the pictures show. It has plenty of paperwork with it to verify the absolutely genuine 36,000 miles.

The paint it superb and and body i rust free. There is no rot in the arches, doors etc where so many of them disintegrate. There is a small patch of discoloured paint above the rear bumper. This is best seen on picture 5 but is hardly noticable so you may not even be able to see it!. I guess the previous owner had attempted a repair with a slightly darker shade.

Mechanically the car i superb. It starts keenly, does not rattle (as some Honda V6s can) and pulls like a train. It scares me sometimes when I put my foot down!

When first released, the Rover 800 series V6 engine was of 2.5 litre capacity. In late 1989, this engine was replaced with a heavily revised, unleaded friendly  2.7 litre version of the same basic design. This car is fitted with the 2.7 litre unit. Honda introduced this increased capacity to overcome motoring press comments and customers who complained that the 2.5 litre engine severely affected the drivability of the car due to its lack of low end torque. They also reworked the cooling system to alleviate overheating issues. In addition to this, the 2.5 litre automatic gearbox was scrapped due to reliability issues and replaced with a much improved unit that featured a switchable S4 mode. This holds the revs longer and gives blistering performance. The S4 woks exactly as it should on this car. It really is a wonderful engine and sounds great too. It is reckoned that these engine will easily see 350,000 miles if well maintained. 

The all important cambelt was changed in 2007 at 34,000 miles, with receipt to prove.

The car is fitted with fully working electric windows x 4, electric glass sunroof, PAS, ABS brakes and remote central locking. This is powered by the original Rover remote control. The car also has the fuel computer which is (unusually or these cars) fully working. Te only electrical niggle is the radio. The belt in the tape player gave up a long time ago and the radio is best described as intermittent. It always lights up and looks as though it will work but there is often no sound.

As you would imagine, the flint grey interior is in perfect ondition. The boot area and unused spare wheel is perfect too and looks like it has just left the factory. The tyres are nearly new and were new when I purchased the car so are unlikely to have done more that 1,000 miles.


1990 rover 827 800 vitesse auto 1

1990 rover 827 800 vitesse auto front

1990 rover 827 800 vitesse auto 2

1990 rover 827 800 vitesse auto 3

1990 rover 827 800 vitesse auto 4

1990 rover 827 800 vitesse auto back

1990 rover 827 800 vitesse auto 5

1990 rover 827 800 vitesse auto boot

1990 rover 827 800 vitesse auto engine bay

1990 rover 827 800 vitesse auto interior

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