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1995 Rover 414 SLI
(Featured on 3rd December 2010)

Make: Rover
Model: 414 SLI
Year: 1995
Registration: N968 GGK
Mileage: 31,000

Sellers original description:

1995 Rover 414 SLi

Pristine 4 Door Saloon

Full Sumptuous Brushed Velour Interior

Genuine 31,000 miles.

This equates to just a mere 1,937 miles per annum

‘Immaculate Condition Throughout’

First Registered 03/08/1995

Cost New £17,332

First of all, this is by far the best Rover 414 SLi that I have ever come across. The car is most certainly a credit to its former keepers.

General Detail:

This vehicle being a 1995 is fitted with the Rover 414 series engine, like any other engine, it will last a lifetime provided they are maintained as per manufacturers’ recommendations always remembering to regularly change the coolant and service the vehicle... no different requirements than to any other car.

The vehicle drives as you would expect it to drive... smoothly and effortlessly through the open countryside and on urban roads. Being the 414 it is also very elegant and responsive.

This is most certainly one for a true collector or for someone who appreciates such a luxury car.

These cars are now becoming a very rare sight on our roads today. More so one in this colour and specification.

The car also benefits from qualifying for “Classic Car” Insurance

This Rover 414 SLi 4 door Saloon is quite stunning in every detail to say the least. This just looks as though it has just come off the production line at Longbridge.

Further, there is no scuffing to any corners of the bumpers.


1995 rover 414 sli 1

1995 rover 414 sli 2

1995 rover 414 sli 3

1995 rover 414 sli 4

1995 rover 414 sli 5

1995 rover 414 sli 6

1995 rover 414 sli boot

1995 rover 414 sli engine bay

1995 rover 414 sli interior 1

1995 rover 414 sli interior 2

1995 rover 414 sli rear seats

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