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1994 Rover 216 Coupe
(Featured on 31st October 2010)

Make: Rover
Model: 216
Year: 1994
Registration: L707 UKV
Mileage: 15,000

Sellers original description:

1994 Rover 216 Coupe.
Full Black Fabric Interior.
Genuine 15,000 miles.
This equates to just a mere 937 miles per annum.
Night fire Red.
First Registered 16/05/1994.
This vehicle started life as a Showroom Display Car for the Rover Group.

General Detail

This vehicle being a 1994 is fitted with the Honda 216 engine.

The earlier model Rover engines were also fine provided you regularly changed the coolant and serviced the vehicle... no different requirements than to any other car.

The vehicle drives as you would expect it to drive... smoothly and effortlessly through the open countryside and on urban roads. Being the 216 it is also very responsive.

This is most certainly one for a collector or for someone who appreciates such a car.

These cars are now becoming a very rare sight on our roads today. More so in this colour and specification.

Previous owners have all been mature owners.

The Rover 216 Coupe is as it left the showroom with no additions or subtractions... in fact you could put this straight back into a showroom it’s that pristine.


1994 rover 216 coupe 1

1994 rover 216 coupe 2

1994 rover 216 coupe 3

1994 rover 216 coupe 4

1994 rover 216 coupe engine bay

1994 rover 216 coupe interior

1994 rover 216 coupe rear seats

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