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1989 Skoda Estelle 120L 5 Speed
(Featured on 4th March 2012)

Make: Skoda
Model: Estelle
Year: 1989
Registration: F135 WPR

Sellers original description:

Increasingly rare car on British roads. Skoda Estelle.

I purchased this car in April 2009. When I spoke to the owner, it was revealed that the car had done less than 8000 miles from new. He had bought it in 2006, with a view to restoring it, but apart from tinkering had done very little. He had acquired it from a local VW garage, who had bought it from the family of the deceased first lady owner who had owned it for 15/16 years. Although she had done very few miles, she had managed to put a ‘ding’ in virtually every panel. The car was a non runner, due to the VW garage having incorrectly replaced a faulty fuel pump with an injection pump. So, although the engine would start, it quickly became flooded by too much fuel, and would not run.

The condition of the car, particularly underneath and inside, was excellent. I got a new Weber Carburettor and fuel pump, fitted electronic ignition and a new coil, and had it tuned on a rolling road, and the engine now produces 67 bhp at 5025 rpm, which has much improved tractability. I replaced the front lights, and the rear lights, which had faded, had the dings repaired and had it painted in its original colour. There is no rust, and from the appearance of the underside, I doubt whether the car was ever taken out in the rain. I fitted front mud flaps, got some new footwell carpet mats, and it also has the original Skoda rubber mats too. From Ebay, I purchased and fitted a central locking kit. The car runs very well, and is light and easy to drive.

With the car is the original Owners Handbook and Service record, which shows the details of the original owner, the services she had done and the service carried out by the VW dealer.

Very few of these cars have survived, and even fewer in this condition, and with such a low mileage.


1989 skoda estelle 120l 5 speed 1

1989 skoda estelle 120l 5 speed front

1989 skoda estelle 120l 5 speed 2

1989 skoda estelle 120l 5 speed 3

1989 skoda estelle 120l 5 speed back

1989 skoda estelle 120l 5 speed boot

1989 skoda estelle 120l 5 speed interior

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