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1993 Tatra 613 - 5
(Featured on 21st November 2010)

Make: Tatra
Model: 613-5
Year: 1993
Registration: L490 LRP
Mileage: 215

Sellers original description:

Tatra T613-5 New 1993 One of the Rarest Cars in the World.

Czech Hand Built Motor Car built to Rival BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes Basically the Czech Aston Martin or Bristol.

Tatra are the third oldest motor car manufacturer in the world, but ceased car manufacturing in Year 2000 to concentrate on their Trucks which they are world famous for.

They pioneered streamlined cars in the 1930s, with the world renowned Tatraplan, and developed the VW Beetle Design in the late 1930s.

This car has covered a total of 215 miles from new. There were 5 built in RHD with Fuel Injection and 3 survive in the world.

This is the only "New" one in the world

It is still a New Car and so still needs running in!

This Car L490 is one of the rarest modern cars in the world.

The car is Number 2 and was the Prague Motor Show Car known then as the Klassik, I have the Motor Show Plates used at the Motor Show with the name Klassik on

Rear Mounted Fuel Injected Air Cooled 3500cc V8 Engine with Dog Leg 5 Speed Gearbox, with the engines main weight forward of the rear axle, making the car actually a mid engine configuration.

Passed its first MOT test in July this year.

The car being a prototype has its quirky ways, but it’s unique and a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy the last and only brand new Tatra 613-5.

Fantastic backup and spares available through the Tatra Owners Club, who are most helpful.

This is a very rare car, you may never see another one, and it has only ever done 215 miles.

It sounds awesome!

Take a look at the video below, it shows Top Gear testing the sister car L75 back in 1993 !


1993 tatra 613-5 1

1993 tatra 613-5 2

1993 tatra 613-5 3

1993 tatra 613-5 4

1993 tatra 613-5 boot

1993 tatra 613-5 engine bay 1

1993 tatra 613-5 engine bay 2

1993 tatra 613-5 interior 1

1993 tatra 613-5 interior 2

1993 tatra 613-5 speedometer

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