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1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12
(Featured on 9th July 2013)

Make: Jaguar
Model: XJS
Year: 1988
Mileage: 22,000
Registration: F484 PJD

Sellers original description:

Almost certainly, one of the lowest mileage and best XJ-S 5.3 V12 HE auto convertibles.

Always garaged and latterly dry stored for a number of years with just 2 Private owners from new. The first a lady, the last since 1992.

Just 22,000 genuine miles from new supported by service history.

Always cherished, kept undercover and garaged.

Retaining all of its original panels and the vast majority of its Browns Lane applied paint finish the car is today remarkably rust free and is quite simply absolutely outstanding in every way.

Amongst the very best of the best you would be hard pushed to find a superior example for sale anywhere.

Launched in 1975 the Jaguar XJ-S had quite a mountain to climb, for it was seen by some as the successor to the glamorous and hugely popular E-Type. However, in reality, the car was never envisaged as a direct replacement for the E-Type - being more of a Grand tourer than an out and out sports car.

Largely designed by Jaguar’s legendary Malcolm Sayer the XJ-S had a top speed of 150mph and 0-60 time of under 8 seconds it slipped through the air far more efficiently than the E-Type and its excellent ride, comfort and handling were justly praised by the mid Seventies motoring press.

In 1981 the XJ-S received the new HE (High Efficiency) V12 engine providing improved fuel economy and taking the top speed to 155mph, making it the fastest automatic car in the world.

Popularity for the XJ-S grew through the 1980’s. However despite a cabriolet being introduced in 1985, which offered somewhat awkward to use targa panels that many thought only really proved equivalent to a sunroof, the range desperately lacked the full convertible that die hard Jaguar open top enthusiasts truly sought.

In March 1988 at the Geneva motor Show Jaguar presented the new improved and better equipped facelift version of the XJ-S Coupe which included a new steering wheel, redesigned seats and new burl walnut trim. Far more significant though, and shown for the first time, was the all new long awaited full convertible which offered true open top motoring with just the press of a button. With lattice alloy wheels as standard to many this was, and still is, the most eye-catching XJ-S ever.

The convertible was so popular and desirable that it soon was making up 57% of all XJ-S sales

As always with classic cars original condition low mileage, privately owned examples are the most desired, with this being particularly so in the case of the XJ-S convertible.

By the late eighties the cost of an XJ-S convertible had risen to close on £36,000 (in excess of £100,000 by comparison today) and beyond the reach of the majority of private buyers, consequently most were registered to companies.

To find a 25 year old XJ-S V12 convertible that has only had 2 owners from new is of course now very rare. To find one where the owners were not company's but a private individuals rarer still, but to find one that has only had two private owners is in un-restored absolutely outstanding original condition and that has covered just 22,800 genuine miles – well that’s just almost unheard of………

……until now that is.

F484 PJD

On the 22 September 1988 the first owner of F484 PJD, a lady, travelled the 40 or so miles from her home near Chelmsford to Follett Jaguar on the Fulham road in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London.

The purpose of her visit was to collect her new Jaguar XJ-S V12 automatic convertible.

The car had been ordered in one of the best colour trim combinations of Arctic Blue with extra cost option of Magnolia leather trim. No other factory extras had been ordered.

During its early years F484 PJD was used infrequently, garaged when not in use and maintained by Jaguar dealers. A factory extended warrantee was purchased.

By July 1991 the mileage according to the service book was just 14,269.

F484 PJD was acquired by its second owner, a local man also from Chelmsford who was then 62, when it was just over three years old - although the change was not recorded by the DVLA until the 3rd of March 1992 owing to the owner carrying out a cherished transfer of his own registration number.

The second, and indeed last, owner was a Jaguar enthusiast who had always promised himself an XJ-S convertible for his retirement. It was never his intention to use the car on a daily basis as he also owed a 1988 Jaguar Sovereign for that purpose.

The XJ-S was always destined to be a vehicle for use only on high days and holidays and to see the owner through the remainder of his driving days. To that end F484 PJD was always cherished, infrequently used and cared for with a passion. The Jaguar would never intentionally be used in the wet and would spend most of its time in the garage at the owners home.

Stamps in the service book show that by 1995 the mileage was just 18,692, by 1999 20,604 and by 2004 22,381 as the owner aged use decreased even further. VOSA records show that when the car was presented for MOT in 2007 the mileage was just 22,686.

Shortly after the 2007 MOT test the owner, now 77, was finding it a little difficult to continue to drive the XJ-S. F484 PJD was laid up and SORN in the owners brothers specialised storage facility that housed his collection of early twentieth century vintage cars. These were cars that needed to be stored in exactly the correct environment and it was one that also well suited such an outstanding XJ-S.

The owner remained hopeful that he would once again get to use his beloved XJ-S. However it was not to be the case and last year, with the owner now in his early eighties, he made the sad decision to part with it.

MOT'ed again in October last year for the first time since 2007 F484 PJD failed only on a loose front number plate and a N/S/F brake binding. With both these rectified a certificate was issued.

The Jaguar is now back on its original registration number, F484 PJD and has road tax until September 2013.

We have just had our Jaguar experts lightly re-commission the car and check it all over. They have changed the oil and filter and greased all over etc. If you know your XJ-S's you will be aware how sometimes it can be the bits you can't easily see, unless you have the car on a ramp, that can cost a fortune to replace the font sub frame and suspension components for example.

New brakes pads to the rear and the system has been bled.

The Air Con has been serviced and changed from the now illegal CFC gas to the more efficient and legal type 134A gas.

Our Jaguar experts were amazed at the condition of these items, thinking at first that they must have been recently replaced before their investigations actually determined that that were in fact original items still with their manufacturers paint intact and in as good a condition as they have ever seen on a car of this age.

Today then this beautiful Jaguar is very original indeed. The paintwork is, for the most part, that applied at the factory 25 years ago and the owner has given us his written assurances that no major paint reification whatsoever has been carried out since he has owned the car.

All five tyres are Pirelli P600’s as fitted when new although the four on the car were changed some years back because of their age rather than through wear.

The mileage is just 22,800 from new.

The condition of this remarkable two owner XJ-S V12 convertible can only be described as exemplary.


The bodywork is ‘laser’ straight; there are no car park dings or dents or chipped door edges.

The vast majority of the paint finish which retains a fantastic lustre is that applied at Browns Lane over 25 years ago.

The owner has given use assurances in writing that during his 20 plus years ownership only Minor paint rectification has been carried out. In the main this would seem to have been the repainting of the lower half of the N/S/F wing and wheel arch following a parking mishap several years back. The colour match is excellent and it is only distinguishable through a slight variation in lacquer texture.

There are signs, that would not be obvious to the untrained eye, of some other very early rectification. In the main below the coach line also to the nearside. This work was almost certainly carried out by the supplying dealer when new but in any event it predates the last owner - so again at least over 20 years old.

With the exception of a couple of minuscule stone chips that have been touched in as they occurred over the years the whole car is blemish free.

There are no signs anywhere of rust including to the underside, and wheel arch lips, inner floor and boot floor.

The door shuts, underside of the doors, boot and bonnet shuts are as new.

The correct sports alloy wheels are unmarked including the inner faces. They are original and have not been refurbished.

Of course no welding has ever been done, nor is any required.

The hood is unmarked with not the slightest tear, rip or wear mark. It has been protected when not in use.

The heated rear window works and the hood operates electrically just as it should with both rear windows operating correctly. The seals and fluid have just been replaced to make sure it stays that way.


Magnolia the best colour and a perfect contrast with Arctic Blue.

In line with the rest of the car you could be forgiven for thinking that this is a vehicle that is only a couple of years old rather than over ten times that old when you see the interior.

The seats have a nice patina with some light aged creasing to the leather seat facings and a couple of small colour matched touch in's to the piping on the driver's side.

The carpets which have been covered with Jaguar over mats from new are absolutely perfect, even the driver’s heel mat is unmarked.

There is no cracking or distortion whatsoever to the walnut veneer.

The door cards and the rest of the trim are unmarked.

The headlining is excellent with just the slightest trace of crease marks on the folds in a couple of places.

There is the standard top of the range Jaguar radio cassette player.

The Air conditioning runs ice cold and has been converted to type 134A Gas.

The seats are heated and have electric lumber adjustment.



Under the bonnet the engine bay is spotless and only through such limited use could it present so well and correct.

No sign of rust to the body or inner wings whatsoever.

Original stickers remain.

Most of the pipe work gleams and there is very little sign or deterioration to the visual appearance of components.

Once again you would never know the age of the vehicle from an inspection in here.

Alarm - untested


In keeping with the rest of the car the carpet and trim in exceptional unmarked condition.

The spare wheel is new with a factory fitted P600.

The boot lid holds up on hydraulic struts,

The jack is in its original carpet bag and looks to have never been opened.

complete tool kit even with its original spare light bulbs
Under the carpet/spare wheel the boot floor shows no signs of rust.


The car starts on the button with automatic choke.

There are no untoward noises or smoke

The automatic gearbox changes up and down just as it should.

On the road the car drives like an absolute dream, the engine sounds and behaves like a 22,000 mile Jaguar 5.3 V12 engine should.

There are no untoward suspension, diff, wheel bearing etc noises.

M.O.T. until May 2013.

No signs of oil leaks.

F484 PJD an absolute delight to drive.


1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Front

1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Left Side

1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Right Side

1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Back

1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Boot

1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Doors Open 1

1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Doors Open 2

1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Doors Open Back

1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Engine Bay

1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Interior

1988 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Interior Seats

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