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1978 TVR Taimar
(Featured on 9th December 2013)

Make: TVR
Model: Taimar
Year: 1978
Registration: XAX 314T

Sellers original deescription:

Very rare 1978 TVR Taimar of which only 395 where made and 70 of these went to america. It is estimated there are less than 200 worldwide, so the car is in the low numbered category from which best investments are made and more likely to increase in value due to rarity. Try finding another in this condition, they sell up to £8k and still need restoration. A respray for a fibre glass car is between £4000 and £6500

Also with the news that TVR is now back in Britain, and a new operation is underway after Les Edgar purchased the company from the Russian chap and plans to relaunch a new TVR can only help build up the profile once again.

TVR is a marmite car, a love or hate them you cant help admiring there looks. They are loud, nippy, and full of character. A drivers car, not for the faint hearted, and they all have rattles, squeaks, a glorified kit car with a fibreglass body, so if your expecting it to drive like bentley continental, forget it.

This TVR Taimar has been restored and looks stunning, it is not concourse or a nut and bolt job restoration, but from what people have seen and commented such as "it would hold its own in any show", and "showroom condition". It is had around £10,000 spent on it.


1978 TVR Taimar 1

1978 TVR Taimar 2

1978 TVR Taimar Side

1978 TVR Taimar 3

1978 TVR Taimar 4

1978 TVR Taimar Bonnet Up

1978 TVR Taimar Engine Bay

1978 TVR Taimar Interior Door

1978 TVR Taimar Interior

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