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1967 Vauxhall Viva HB SL 1159cc
(Featured on 21st May 2010)

Make: Vauxhall
Model: Viva
Year: 1967
Mileage: 10,983

Sellers original description:

Cherished 2 Dr, Vauxhall viva HB,SL, Born in 1967. This car has only genuinely covered 10,983 miles, which was due to the elderly lady being chauffeured driven, this is documented by full service history, having had only two previous owners from new, both of which were from the same family,(mother & daughter).

The car was sold to myself having been hidden away, gathering dust in an old dry well ventilated barn. The car was in a solid and well preserved condition apart from about 6 areas of bird droppings which had sadly discoloured the paintwork (all photographed from non restored state - to finished condition). Fortunately for myself a good friend is a sprayer and stripped the car down and totally resprayed the car in the original colour. As it was my friend, no expense or time was spared. I would now say that the car is in excellent condition. All panels are dent and scratch free. The car is also totally solid having had NO areas welded.

This Vauxhall Viva has one set of original keys from the main dealer in Swindon (skurrays). The documents with the car include V5, current mot certificate, original bill of sale, order form stating colour required, transmission, colour of the seats etc, service schedule, sales brochure, and a few more bits and bob's.

The car has the original wheels, trims, wheel jack, brace, although the tyres were perished so replaced them with today's equivalent. The interior's condition is as you expect reflecting the mileage, and still smells like a new car should.

The car has had a new core fitted to the original radiator and the fuel tank, removed and clean thoroughly. The car does require a few little finishing touches to become a car worthy of displaying at shows, or even on old tv programmes.

In summary this car is a rare 2 dr model Vauxhall Viva HB SL 1159cc, and with the mileage, history, condition, is probably never to be found again.


1967 vauxhall viva hb sl 1159cc 1

1967 vauxhall viva hb sl 1159cc 2

1967 vauxhall viva hb sl 1159cc 3

1967 vauxhall viva hb sl 1159cc boot

1967 vauxhall viva hb sl 1159cc engine bay

1967 vauxhall viva hb sl 1159cc interior 1

1967 vauxhall viva hb sl 1159cc interior 2

1967 vauxhall viva hb sl 1159cc speedometer

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