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1989 Vauxhall Cavalier SRI Grey
(Featured on 26th July 2011)

Make: Vauxhall
Model: Cavalier
Year: 1989
Mileage: 8,454
Registration: F580 TMD

Sellers original description:

Unless Vauxhall have one of these Cavaliers tucked away unregistered i do not believe there can be a better one anywhere in the world.

This is a 1989 Vauxhall Cavalier SRI hatchback in metallic silver with a genuine 8454 miles on the clock.

The car was bought brand new and used for the first eight months of its life, always garaged.

At this point the owner became ill and was unable to drive. The Vauxhall Cavalier was stored away in a heated garage on axle stands in the hope that one day he woule be well enough to start driving again. This never happened and ihe finally passed away at the end of 2010.

The car is absolutely perfect and as new. I do not say this lightly it is exactly as you would expect from a brand new car.

The interior is perfect, no parking dents, no stone chips, and most certainly no rust.

Even the original wheel trims do not have a single mark on them, the steel wheels underneath them are also absolutely perfect as i have shown in one of the photos.

The exhaust is as new on the underside, the original brake pads only 10% worn.

The original pull-out phillips stereo is present and working.

I have just spent £1000 with a Vauxhall specialist getting the Cavalier SRI fully mechanically overhauled after all this time to include four new tyres. These were replaced for safety reasons but i have kept the original tyres for originality reasons. The cambelt has also been done. All of the screws and clips etc under the bonnet are as new and un marked. A pleasure to work on!


1989 vauxhall cavalier sri grey 1

1989 vauxhall cavalier sri grey 2

1989 vauxhall cavalier sri grey 3

1989 vauxhall cavalier sri grey speedometer

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