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1988 Vauxhall Cavalier L Silver
(Featured on 31st May 2010)

Make: Vauxhall
Model: Cavalier
Year: 1988
Registration: E804 NMU
Mileage: 5,600

Sellers original description:

Here we have a very rare find indeed, a 1988 Vauxhall Cavalier L in exceptional order with 5600 miles, yes a genuine 5600 miles on it. This is a one owner car from new, we got the vehicle from a gentlemans garage in London.

The Cavalier has been garaged since new and as stated has no previous owners, it is totally original inside and out and it runs very well indeed. It took me back to my youth as all my friends were driving these all those years ago.

Ok its not an Austin Healey or a classic mini cooper but with the sad scaling down of Vauxhall and the fact that this car was built in the uk, this is a chance to own a little part of british motoring history. The car is as it was 22years ago, the body work is exceptional, there are a couple of small surface rust spots on the rear wheel arch and again in the corner of the door, but and i mean this, it is very minor and to be fair would repair in minutes. I could do this but i have decided to leave this original and any prospective buyer can see the car as it is. The spare wheel has never been used and as you can see from the photos all the inside of the boot is immaculate.

There are little tell tell signs on the car to confirm the state and condition of the car, the original factory sticker is still on the petrol tank and the stickers they used to put under the stalks for the wipers and indicators are still there. Car still has the original philips AM/FM cassette player and i drove back from london yesterday and it drove very well indeed. The interior is a plush brown and is so much comfier than the cars of today, it is also in very good condition.

The car has covered less than 200 miles in the last 3 years and a copy of the VOSA DVLA report is further down in the listing. There are some manuals but there is not a host of history with it, but you need to come and see it for yourself and make a judgement on it. The car went straight to MOT after i collected it and it passed without any issues what so ever.

If you wanted a show car, then this for very very little money i think could be concourse, i sadly do not have the room for it otherwise i may be tempted to take to the local shows as it is certainly a future classic.


1988 vauxhall cavalier l silver 1

1988 vauxhall cavalier l silver 2

1988 vauxhall cavalier l silver 3

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