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1984 Vauxhall Cavalier GL HB
(Featured on 26th May 2013)

Make: Vauxhall
Model: Cavalier
Year: 1984
Mileage: 8,371
Registration: B380 GV0

Sellers original description:

What a rare find with 8,371 miles, I dont think you will find a vauxhall any where in the country with this mileage of this age?

Any way I came across this car on the 29th of March 2010 in a Mr bridges garage, sitting under a tarporlin, I had just delivered his wife's car off for him whom we'd just done some work for, while I was there he asked me if id like to buy the car, a little unsure at first, until he told me the history of his uncles car, and the mileage!, so I decided to buy the car, I put it straight on the back of my recovery truck, and took it to my garage, where its been there ever since.

Mr Bridges, took possession of his uncles car a Mr Harold Herbet Whittaker on 10 July 2004, who sadly passed away, where he kept it in his garage till the 29 March 2010, Mr Whittaker bought the car from new on 6 September 1984 from Boydens Vauxhall Derby, which is today still there now known as Vauxhall Pentagon Derby.

The history of the car shows that it had done 7,327 from 06/09/1984 to 08/08/1995 and then from that date 08/08/1995 to present day has only covered 1,044 miles, some years the car had only covered around 12 miles a year, were Mr Whittaker would only take it for its yearly mot, and then back home.

The service book shows stamps as follows:

Pre delivery inspection on 8th september 1984.
1st service 14th May 1987 - 3,513 miles.
2nd service 14th October 1991 - 6,180 miles.

MOT History As Follows:

08/08/1995 - 7,327
08/08/1996 - 7,546
05/08/1997 - 7,722
13/08/1998 - 7856
09/08/1999 - 7,965
09/08/2000 - 8,135
13/08/2001 - 8,163
12/08/2002 - 8,175

The car was always very carefully looked after, and it is a joy to see, this car will bring back memories to alot of us, today, is the first time its left the inside of a garage, and that was only for 5 mins to take the photos, then straight back in, bet the poor thing had a shock this weather :)

The inside of the car is concours condition, it really is that good, you will not find a mark inside the car any where, it comes with the original radio, which is nice, the car even has its original Michelin tires on with no cracks to the walls of them.

The paint work is mint in some places, and in others needs sorting out to bring it to concours, there are some marks like the bonnet, roof, tailgate, and 1 off the doors, these will need a refurb, the plastic trims and bumpers to the outside are mint, the car comes with 2 keys and the full original Vauxhall service pack.


1984 Vauxhall Cavalier GL HB 1

1984 Vauxhall Cavalier GL HB 2

1984 Vauxhall Cavalier GL HB Boot

1984 Vauxhall Cavalier GL HB Engine Bay

1984 Vauxhall Cavalier GL HB Interior Door

1984 Vauxhall Cavalier GL HB Interior

1984 Vauxhall Cavalier GL HB Rear Seats

1984 Vauxhall Cavalier GL HB History

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