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1991 Vauxhall Astra Mk2 Red
(Featured on 9th February 2011)

Make: Vauxhall
Model: Astra
Year: 1991
Registration: J753 HVL
Mileage: 37,821

Sellers original description:

Immaculate, Mint, Original and gorgeous Vauxhall Astra mark 2, 1.4L.

It has covered just 37,821 miles since it was built, less than 1,900 miles per year. It has been garaged all it's life and garaged in my ownership as well.

Shortly before I purchased it a new exhaust and new cambelt were fitted, in my ownership 4 new Toyo tyres have replaced the 20 year old originals. As can be seen in the pictures this really is something a bit special and if I'm honest maybe a little bit too nice to use as an everyday car, it still has the quality control sticker on the underside of the rear parcel shelf dated May 1991, original wheel trims, it has never had any paintwork or accident damage and the last person to do any welding on it was at Ellesmere Port in 1991 when it was made!

Now I think it is fair to warn prospective purchasers TWO important things, firstly this is a VERY basic (Poverty spec!) Astra, winding windows (and sunroof!), no central locking and more importantly NO POWER STEERING so if you are the type of driver who habitually "Dry steers" that is turning the steering wheel whilst the vehicle is stationary you will not like this car, however if you can see past these 'short comings' in comparison with a modern car you may see this kind of basic style of motoring as a bonus.....there is far less to go wrong with an old car like this! No more trips to your local dealer to find a fault code for some computerised mechanical malevolence here! If you are old enough to remember 1980's style vehicles you'll probably love this timewarp car as it drives as well as it looks, the steering is light and positive, the gear change is smooth with perfect synchromesh, the engine is lively and it is surprisingly quiet and refined on motorways.

The only small criticism of the driving experience is the clutch has a very slight tendency to judder on occasions but this has got better since the change of owner/driver, perhaps the old boy who had it before 'slipped the clutch' a bit.

The second thing I'd like to mention to prospective purchasers would be that if you intend to buy this in order to use it as an every day car you'll probably quickly change that idea just as I have done, it REALLY should be part of a collection and kept off salty roads and in a nice dry garage. I already have two "Sleepers" in my garage, both kept off salty winter roads and now I've gone and done it again and turned myself into an eccentric collector of old cars! The Vauxhall Astra has done only 600 miles in my ownership since October last year.


1991 vauxhall astra l red 1

1991 vauxhall astra l red 2

1991 vauxhall astra l red 3

1991 vauxhall astra l red 4

1991 vauxhall astra l red 5

1991 vauxhall astra l red engine bay

1991 vauxhall astra l red interior

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