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1990 Volkswagen Polo Estate
(Featured on 31st May 2010)

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Polo
Year: 1990
Registration: MJ1 8229
Mileage: 25,500

Sellers original description:

1990 Volkswagen Polo C Estate in bright Tornado red with pale grey trim and 25500 miles from new. This little car was purchased from the local VW dealer by an elderly lady when it was just a few months old. She used the car sparingly from 1990 until 2005 when due to illness it it was parked up in the garage. Following her death recently I bought the car in February and exhumed it from the garage. The VW showed 24300 miles then. It was still on its original tyres (now changed) and the original spare tyre was unused. The original dealer sales pack (photo) was in the glove box. This little VW is as mint as you will find and as the MOT tester said "looks new". I have replaced the battery, all fluids, plugs, leads, oil and air filter. I have been through the brakes with a fine tooth comb. I have replaced the heater blower as the original had seized through lack of use. The interior is in as new condition as is the boot. The rear seats have never been sat on. I have even polished the entire underside of the floor including brake pipes, fuel lines and the petrol tank itself which has been polished with brasso. Underneath this little Volkswagen is as bright as above. It truly is bright red and as new as the photos show. The little VW passed its MOT first time with the tester stating it looked more perfect than most cars doing their 1st MOT. It would be easily concours if you want to show her.

This little car was bought to use as a second vehicle and has covered 1300 miles in the last month but truly it is far too good to use and deserves to be preserved. It is incredibly economical doing 45MPG and attracts quite an unbelievable amount of attention.

The only negative points are the lady owner has polished the paint so much that on the bonnet it has been waxed through ever so slightly to the primer on its edge in a very small area (try finding that with a modern car!!) and has been carefully touched in, which in no way detracts from its looks. Its part of the cars well kept charm and I would not change it.

Also the air idle valve needs changing (£8 from VW) but as this has no effect on the car I just haven't been too fussed. It drives just beautifully.

This is as close to a new VW Polo as you will find. I've had several offers for the car but would prefer not to sell it to a 1st time driver - she is a classic that needs to be understood and preserved.

I'd rather you saw this little Volkswagen Polo and drove her to see just how good she is.


1990 volkswagen polo estate 1

1990 volkswagen polo estate 2

1990 volkswagen polo estate engine bay

1990 volkswagen polo estate interior 1

1990 volkswagen polo estate interior 2

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