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1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible
(Featured on 9th December 2013)

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle
Year: 1979
Mileage: 429

Sellers original description:

A factory fresh VW Beetle Triple White Convertible with only 429 miles from new.


Karman body badge, chrome window frames, rubber strips on bumpers, bright metal stone guards, running boards, faux wood panel inserts, silver lined horn pad with Wolfsburg crest, VDO analogue clock, heated rear window, hazard lights, dash illumination adjustment, interior light, padded dash, collapsible steering column, assist straps, headlight flasher, two-speed fresh air blower, glove box lock, rear seatbelts, door open buzzer, twin door pockets. Dealer fitted accessories: Air conditioning, Audiovox AM/FM stereo, front halogen fog lights.


Truly amazing and original Alpine White (Code L90E) has a factory fresh shine that graces this exceptional example. With so few miles covered the appearance is sparkling with all the trim, rubbers, glass and chrome in impeccable condition. 33 years have passed since this car rolled off the production so the tiniest of markings can be seen. The lower front and rear valance has a touch-up along with the tailgate handle and a tiny ding can just be seen on the nearside front wing. The white hood and underside, including the wheel arches, are spotlessly clean and all the correct factory stickers are intact. Time warp is a term used freely, but completely justified with this collectable unique vehicle.


The White Leatherette interior completes the rare special edition triple package and will delight the nostalgic seeking individual wanting the best, impossible to imitate, VW Super Beetle cabin. Every fitment is exceptional, clean and precisely as it left the German VW production line. The white seats may have lost a slight purity but this is barely noticeable and the original tonneau has some marks along with the luggage compartment floor. The engine compartment is again superb and retains all stickers including the rare build date sticker-Oct 79. This is two months before the last cabriolet came off the conveyor belt on 10 January 1980, also a Triple White Convertible and now in the Karmann museum.


The air-cooled rear mounted engine featuring Air Flow Control (AFC) fuel injection produces 48bhp from its 1584cc displacement enabling a top speed of 80mph. The fully synchronized 4-speed gearbox works perfectly. Despite the low miles covered this is a fully operational example with only the rear silencer showing minor aging.


Lemmertz sport rims as fitted when new are un-refurbished and clearly show all the VW stampings not painted over. Slight oxidation on very close inspection can be seen. Quality 165 R15 tyres have been fitted. The spare is the original factory unused specimen. Dual circuit drums front and rear operate freely.


Fascinating! Built in late October 1979 as one of the final German made Beetles this example was ordered by Chris Motors, VW Main Dealers in Decatur, Georgia. The dealer badge is still on the tailgate. It was purchased new on the 30th August 1980 by H.Morton Judd for the sum of $9,852.50 as stated on the original Bill of Sale and was never registered by him. The car still features its original stock sticker, key tag and 1979 state inspection sticker! On his passing in 2006 the vehicle was acquired by Road Scholars Automotive Group in Raleigh, North Carolina and was sold to a wealthy John Beazell II as a present for his wife who had always wanted a vintage VW Beetle for the sum of $23,800. At this time the vehicle had covered 8 miles. First registered on the 2nd February 2007 after a gentle re-commission it was decided in October 2010 to sell the car after his wife had only covered 420 miles! Then purchased by a fanatical VW collector, Mr P Willcock, from the Beazell family for $20,000 it arrived in the UK after a premium shipment charge of £4,733 was paid in December 2010. In his expert care, not registered and now covered just 429 miles this vehicle is for the discerning collector.


1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible 1

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible 2

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible Front

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible 3

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible 4

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible Side

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible 5

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible 6

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible Back

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible 7

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible Boot

1979 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann LE Convertible Engine Bay

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