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1973 Volkswagen Beetle 1300cc
(Featured on 1st June 2010)

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle
Year: 1973
Registration: PPJ 911L

Sellers original description:

Wow, where do i start, this Beetle is a gem!....I bought this car from a Volkswagen dealer as a p/x, for a brand new VW Beetle. When i picked the car up, i just could not believe the condition of this car.

When the salesman gave me a huge complete history file of what had been done, i can see why its so good.

Besically its had a complete restoration, which put it in short has cost 10k. With all complete photographic history of all bodywork etc.

I cannot begin to tell you about what its had done, its just too much to list, headlining, carpets, seats, mechanical, everything !

The car has a full years mot, all it needed was a couple of bulbs, and thats it!

For a 37 year old Volkswagen Beetle thats good, but then again if i had spent all that money on it, i would expect it !

The car starts and drives well, obviously a bit agrocultural, but this is an old car, that cant be compared to a new model beetle, but thats the fun of owning one of these !

Brakes clutch engine all as you would expect of a rebuilt car !

The bodywork is stunning, it looks like a show car...But on close inspection,you can find fault ie: on the very edge on the door edges are not as smooth as they could be, and it has a few minor marks in the paint, but im being super criticle. I would give it 9/10+.

Interior is lovely, new trimmings etc new carpets, new dash, new rear shelf, headlining, etc.

Tyres all good, original wheels.

This i believe is the better "s" model, so i recon its the one to have, it must surely be an investment, in time to come !


1973 volkswagen beetle 1300cc 1

1973 volkswagen beetle 1300cc 2

1973 volkswagen beetle 1300cc 3

1973 volkswagen beetle 1300cc boot

1973 volkswagen beetle 1300cc engine bay

1973 volkswagen beetle 1300cc interior

1973 volkswagen beetle 1300cc rear seats

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