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1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto
(Featured on 24th June 2013)

Make: Honda
Model: Prelude
Year: 1991
Mileage: 24,878
Registration: H10 LSC

Sellers original description:

Welcome to my listing and your opportunity to aquire this 1991 Honda Prelude 2.0 EX Automatic.

This is one of the few remaining original 3rd generation Preludes left in the United Kingdom, if you are a fan of these cars then you will already know how much of a rare sight they are, especially in original condition with low miles.

The 3rd gen Prelude was a chance for Honda to test their new technology at the time, it really is a superb drive and you have to own one to really appreciate it.

I aquired this car back in August 2011, the original owner from new (Mr L.S. Cady) held onto the car for 18 years, a real credit to him for looking after such a rare peice of motoring history.

The car was then purchased by an older lady who wanted one of these for nostalgia having owned one in the 1990's, she held onto the car for one year and travelled less than 2,000 miles before deciding it was too much for her due to her age, she transferred the car onto one of her relatives for him to sell for funds towards his house renovations, this is when I purchased the car.

The milage is now just under 25,000 which is backed up by lots of service stamps and old mot's. I beleive this could be the lowest mileage original face lift 3rd Gen Prelude's left in the UK, I could be wrong but I have yet to see one lower in the last 2 years, these cars are incredibly reliable and I recently saw an example with over 250,000 miles still in good running order, needless to say this Prelude has only just started its life.

The condition both cosmetically and mechanically is really quite exceptional, the car remains totally original and drives like new.

The drive is still impressive today, this car is incredibly smooth when driving around town thanks to the autobox and will kickdown upon request for a more sporty drive, overall the car performs perfectly, the more I drive this car the more I feel Honda made something truly special, the build quality is just fantastic, it's a shame the 3rd gen Prelude is so overlooked, as I said before, you have to own one to really appreciate it.

The bodywork has no rust at all and the original red paintwork remains unfaded having been garaged all its life. If I were to be really critical there is a very minor dent on the drivers door which is hardly noticable and the original wheels could do with a refurbishment if you want them to be perfect, you could if you wish replace these for a more modern Honda set to improve the appearance but I have decided to leave the car completely standard.

The interior is also totally original right down to the radio and the rubber protective cover over the dash which most examples are missing, I can safely describe the condition of the interior as immaculate, the quality is also very impressive and much nicer than all the plastic rubbish you see on todays modern cars, everything feels very safe, comfortable and solid, its just a nice place to be.

All the electrics work on the car, windows, radio, electric ariel, pop up lights, electric sun roof, not a single fault at all, typical Honda reliability.

The car comes with a full years MOT (with no advisories) and tax until the end of October, recent work includes a full service at 24,229 miles (MOBIL 0w-40 Fully Synthetic oil, K&N Oil Filter, Iridium Plugs, New Air Filter, Fuel Filter) Also new EBC Red Stuff ceramic pads have been fitted all round which has greatly improved the braking, upon replacing it was found the rears still had the original pads on after 21 years!

As mentioned before this car comes with lots of history, there are a total of 17 stamps in the service book, sometimes less than 1,000 miles between each service and most of these were undertaken at Nest Garage in Lowestoft) The cambelt was also replaced at 15,050 miles.

I have 10 old MOT's from 2001 to the present day and some other various receipts from Nest garage for small service items before the MOT's etc) The milage increments on some of the old MOT's are simply amazing, this was clearly Mr Cady's weekend/special car.

Also includes the private registration (H10 LSC) which is valued at £400, this was transferred onto the car in 1997, the LSC referring to the original owner from new, Mr L.S. Cady.

To summarise this is a rare original example of a 3rd gen Prelude, a classic car in need of a caring home, an example like this will no doubt prove to be a safe long term investment whilst providing lots of enjoyment if kept in this condition.


1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Front

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Pop Up Lights

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Side

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Left Side

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Right Side

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Back

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Back Closeup

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Roof

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Wheel

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Dealer Sticker

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Engine Bay

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Engine Bay BA4

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Boot

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Interior Door

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Interior

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Rear Interior

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Dashboard Gauges

1991 Honda Prelude EX Auto Service History

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